5. Uusikaupunki region

Closed circulation concept, village action and picturesque surroundings of archipelago villages

Ravakan retki

This study tour is hosted by Leader Ravakka. Velhovesi ring is an ancient road that wiggles through Uusikaupunki archipelago from a village to another about 25 km from the town centrum. These villages used to be separate islands, but because of the slow rise of ground these cliffs have in many places grown together – however some 250 distinct islands still remain. Old farms and fisher’s houses form a typical part of the landscape in this study tour.

The area is known of its active village life. This study tour familiarizes participants to different action forms of local village associations; tourist services, village houses and a nature trail. In addition to this participants will also visit Sybimar - a closed circulation concept enterprise. Their innovation combines food and energy production and recycles nutrients, water, heat and CO2 back to production.  

study tour 5.1

Workshop theme: Resource wisdom in rural areas
Accommodation: Uusikaupunki

Study tour program

Departure from hotels to the study tour
Sybimar - closed circulation concept
Velhovesi ring
Pyhämaa village
Local food lunch
13:30Thematic workshop on the bus
14:30Tummamäki nature trail
16:00Departure to Uusikaupunki
18:20 Pick up from the hotels to Fåfänga (Cooperation café and option to get to know the Raumanmeri bay area)
20:30 Standing dinner at Fåfänga